Denise Madigan has a uniquely broad mediation practice, and does not fit neatly into traditional mediation categories. With over twenty-five years of experience as a full-time professional mediator, she has handled a vast number and array of cases, demonstrating an ability to master complex facts and diverse areas of law quickly.

She does not employ a cookie-cutter approach, and instead assesses the specific barriers to settlement in each case and tailors her efforts accordingly.  Whether there are unusual emotional issues or behaviors, gaps in information, differing views as to key facts or laws, clashing models and theories by experts, or confidential business objectives beyond the negotiation table, Denise draws on her experience and skill to come up with creative approaches to settlement.

This may include helping the parties conduct carefully structured face-to-face dialogues or providing evaluative feedback to one or more sides about their case.  Or it may simply involve listening quietly as people describe their anger and loss, and their fears for the future.

At the end of the day, Ms. Madigan is focused on helping the parties finally settle their conflict, so they can reclaim their personal and business/professional lives.

As you review her resume, the list of sample cases, and the testimonials that follow, you will see that Ms. Madigan not only has a range of experience rarely found in this industry, but a set of skills that set her apart from the pack.

If you have further questions about her background or approach to mediation, you can call her directly at 310.234.8287, ext. 1.  To schedule a case, please call Sonia Patel Dalton, Case Manager, at 310-234-8287, ext. 2.